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Service Dog

Service dog is trained to provide daily assistance to its owner – a person with mobility difficulty or a person who uses a wheelchair.

It takes 8 months to train an service dog andthe training involves obedience, positioning exercises in relation to the wheelchair, fetching things, pushing with nose or paw – lowering the pedal of a wheelchair, switching on and off the lights, opening and closing doors, closets and other, pulling (lifting a person from lying to sitting position, assistance in taking off socks, trousers, jackets), pulling a wheelchair to the user and other assistance, as well as barking on command (attracting attention – warning signal).

In the final months, the assistance dog trainingis tailored to the needs and abilities of its futureowner (the range and other specific tasks of work are defined).

Slika rehabilitacijskog psa koji otvara vrata osobi u kolicima

Wheelchair Boarding BusThe training programme includes initial assessment of candidates for a suitable dog that fits best to each individual user by its features of temperament and work.

The team – the user and their dog – is trained individually for 7 weeks (5 weeks in the Silver Centre and 2 weeks at the place of the user’s residence).

The service dog makes it possible for its owner to achieve more independence and life quality. It is necessary to point out that the presence of an assistance dog in a life of an individual often breaks down social barriers because it improves the recognition of the abilities of disabled persons.

The average working life of an service dog with a client is 7 to 8 years. The exact time for retirement ofeachdog depends on the assessment of the unit by a team of experts.

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