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The Rehabilitation Centre Silver

The Rehabilitation Centre Silver is a particular institution of social care in this region of Europe, which trains assistance dogs (guide dogs, service dogs, service dogs for children) to be used in the rehabilitation of disabled persons and children with developmental difficulties. The basic programmes of the Centre developed from the programme of the Croatian Guide Dog and Mobility Association. The founders of the Centre are the Ministry of Health and Social Care and the City of Zagreb.

The activities of the Silver Centre include programmes for:

  • visually impaired persons;
  • persons with mobility difficulties or persons who use wheelchairs.;
  • children with developmental difficulties (cerebral paralysis, autism, blindness, children at risk of neurological disorders, ADHD, etc.);
  • persons with physical or intellectual disability, or mental disorder.

For all additional information, feel free to contact us by e-mail:   or phone:   01/2394 451




The Centre is providing the accommodation service during the implementation of the rehabilitation programme and practicing nurse services.

The accommodation and sojourn are adjusted to the clients’ needs.
Tactile-fragrant Park in the «Silver» Centre with the structure of its paths and aromatic, fragrant herbs and plants is adjusted to support orientation in space of the visually impaired people. Its ground level design allows easy traveling for the people in wheelchairs and people with mobility difficulties.

The kennels of the Centre provide the concurrent accommodation for forty dogs (dogs in training, brood bitches with puppies, quarantine) and there is also a veterinary surgery available.

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