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Assistance dog breeding

There are several departments in the Silver Center, including the Department of assistance dog care and Auxiliary Technical Staff, to which the Assistance Dog Breeding Program also belongs.

This Program is the basis of rehabilitation programs for people with disabilities and children with disabilities – which include service dogs and therapy dogs.

The dog breeding program at the Silver Center is based on the Labrador Retriever breed, which has proven to be the most successful in the world of assistance dogs.

For inclusion in the Breeding Program, the dog is selected from own breeding or by exchanging genetic material, puppies, young dogs and breeding dogs from other foreign schools (France, Great Britain, USA, Hungary, Slovakia, Belgium, the Netherlands, etc.).

In order to include a dog in this Program, it is necessary to meet certain rules and standards and the dog must pass temperamental, genetic and health tests. The dog is included in the Breeding Program at the age of approximately 16 months.

The program is implemented with the volunteer support of the Guardians of Silver Legacy, and in Silver’s jargon we call them “Guardians”.

Who are the Guardians?

Guardians of Silver legacy are selected individuals or family volunteers who care for and care for dogs involved in the Silver Center Breeding Program (definition used by the Silver Center).

How to become a Guardian?

Most often, individual dogs that show the appropriate temperament and potential – during puppy walking are shortlisted for breeding. In addition to monitoring their behavior, these dogs are not neutered, after health examinations during socialization, additional tests are conducted and the potential future breeding role of the dog and the puppy walker’s willingness to take care of the dog during inclusion in the Breeding Program are discussed.

The second way involves interested individuals or families, who often follow Silver’s work for a long time and / or know the puppy walker or assistance dog user and want to get involved in the activities that Silver carries out.

These interested individuals apply on an online form (LINK: Guardian of Silver legacy Application Form), an initial interview and home visit are conducted upon application, followed by a selection and final selection of the Guardian – which is awarded the selected breeding dog.

Some of the criteria required to become a Guardian:

  • a desire to support the mission of the Silver Center as a volunteer
  • readiness to adhere to the protocols and practices of the Silver Center
  • flexibility to adapt to the dog’s schedule and the needs of the breeding program
  • the ability to provide a safe home to care for a large, reproductively active dog
  • owning a car and the possibility of active driving
  • you live in Zagreb
  • you have experience with dogs…

More details on the link:

The Guardian’s role is extremely demanding, involving great responsibility and commitment, strict adherence to the rules and instructions of the Silver Center breeding coordinator, but finally fulfilling the ultimate mission of the Silver Center – assisting assistance dogs for people with disabilities and children with disabilities – the greatest reward.