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Puppy walking

Puppy walking

The breeding programme for own needs in the Centre is based on Labrador retriever and Golden retriever breeds, and on crossbreeds of these two.

The goal is to breed dogs with the best mental and working ability, without undesirable hereditary traits and health problems (hip, elbow and shoulder dysplasia, and eye diseases) that have a direct impact on the assistance dog’s ability to work.

Puppy walking programme begins with the selection of puppies and testing of their genetic predispositions, when they are six to eight weeks old

 The chosen puppy grows up in a family of volunteers where it gets used to various situations in human daily life, and where it learns basic rules of behaviour and obedience. It is the process of growing up of a puppy into a mature, individual dog personality, familiar with any kind of environment and life situation which a future guide dog handler might experience.

Cute little girl feeding her puppy

During the puppy walking, the Silver Centre provides a professional assistance to these families and covers all expenses of food, equipment and veterinary services. The puppy walking programme includes continual care about volunteer puppy walker  families and 2 month old puppies until they are 16 to 18 months old, which is when they are introduced to the training programme.

When the puppy walking programme finishes, the breeding stock stays with volunteer families. The brood bitches stay in the programme until they are 8, or until they have had four litters and then they are retired. The contact with puppy walker family will go on at social gatherings at weekends, even after their puppy has already entered the training programme. It takes eight months of training to complete a programme, regardless of the type.

If you believe your family could provide a true home for a puppy that is going to be a daily companion and a necessary help to a person with a disability, join in and contact us by phone no.  01/2394 450 or by e-mail:

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